The Uncertainty Principle

Issue One

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The Uncertainty Principle
1,000 word essays and art on one subject every two months.
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Issue One

Print Edition Published on December 13th, 2009
Online Edition Published on December 27th, 2009 - May not work in all countries. - May not work in all countries. - Should work everywhere.

The Uncertainty Principle is a bi-monthly collection of creations on one subject. The subject for this issue is "Women".

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All views expressed are of the authors themselves, not The Uncertainty Principle, nor their employers past or present.

All essays, taglines, article descriptions, other materials associated with the essays, and the haiku are copyright the original authors. “other materials associated with the essays” refers to anything that is written within the author's pages in the Table of Contents. The cover image of Madeleine en pénitence is in the Public Domain. Everything else is copyright The Uncertainty Principle, all rights reserved.

Cover Image
De La Tour, Georges. Madeleine en pénitence. Digital image. File:Georges de La Tour 009.jpg. Wikimedia Commons, 19 May 2005. Web. 12 Dec. 2009. <>.

* All author taglines and article descriptions were written in third person at the Editor's request.
* Charles Jefffrey Danoff's essay was graciously edited by Nathan Krishnamurthy.

This print edition was compiled in NeoOffice Draw from NeoOffice 3.01 Patch 2. The HTML edition was hand typed into Aquamacs. All were done on a 1.33 GHz PowerPC iBook G4 runnning Mac OS X Version 10.4.11. The Cover Image bibliographical information was created with EasyBib.

Partial List of Changes to the HTML Edition
* The "About" section was changed.
* Link information contained in brackets were converted into real links.
* In the Colophon of the print and PDF editions they incorrectly state that "All biblographical information was created with Easybib." in fact only the bibliographical information for the Cover Image was done in Easybib.
* Quotation marks were added around the word Women on page two.
* Notes about the different web addresses were added.
* Information about the PDF edition was added to the colophon.
* Table of Contents incorporated naturally into the Issue One page.
* Removed "Title:", "Original Writer:", and the writer's location.

Charles Jeffrey Danoff, Editor